Monday, July 5, 2010

So, what do I get now I've signed up to jobping?

Many of you who have registered with Jobping already may be wondering what to do now. Those of you who haven’t registered as a recruiter on Jobping may be wondering why they should bother signing up to another service that claims to be different from the rest. What is it that I get with Jobping that I don’t already get with other job boards that I’ve been using for years?

Feature #1 – Reduced steps for everything

We know time is precious, so we’ve made it as quick and easy as possible to fulfil any task you may wish to perform. This starts with a simple registration form that only asks you to add the information we really need to know. Once you have registered you can sign in from any page and have a cookie saved to your computer so that you don’t need to sign in the next time you visit.

Adding a job post is even simpler. The Create a Job Post form asks for the bare minimum, leaving it up to you to add as little or as much information about the role as you please. You can also quickly and conveniently preview the post exactly as a Job seeker would see it whilst you write using the tabs at the top of the form.

Once your job post is published more functions are just one click away. Duplicate and publish a job post that’s available in separate locations, or view the performance of a post with our simple statistics engine. Once your post is approaching its expiration date simply extend it by the same time frame with just a single click. It’s really all very easy.

Check back here soon for feature #2 – Cross sell job posts using your own Twitter feed.

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